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"I like that we haven’t been able to hug!"

This quote is from several of people and predominantly girls said it.

I can agree. I hug when I want to hug and do not take for granted that the person I meet wants to hug.

How do you do when you greet?

If you have children, work with children or are otherwise in contact with children. Can they choose how they want to greet the people they meet?

In one of the schools I work at, there is a picture of different ways to greet the teachers:

1. Knuckle to knuckle 2. Foot to foot 3. Nod 4. Wave 5. Lucia greeting

This is an incredibly good way to teach children that they can choose, that their will counts and that they can set their boundaries and that their choices are respected.

Is it rude to choose to shake hands or to just say hi? Ask those you meet.



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