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"Die young - as late as possible"

Die young as late as possible, is a quote I heard for the first time last spring 2021. Thank you Clas Ankarcrona.

Imagine dying young as late as possible and living well and Feeling Well along the way.

How would that feel for you?

I would like to have a lot of laughs, some tears are okay and anger is also fine, but mostly I would like to enjoy my life in every possible way.

Important ingredients in the course of life for me is to socialize with loved ones, family and friends, exercise, to give and get warmth, meet new friends, seeing more of Sweden and maybe, again, explore more of the world. A few important ingredients in the path of life.

What are important ingredients in the course of your life?

Do you wanna come along on the road

"Die young as late as possible"

and at the same time live and Feel Well?



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