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My Daughter stands up for herself!

I am so proud.

After a long weekend full off happy, playing and exercising children, I got to hear from my eleven year old how she stood up for herself.

We were in Örebro and there were kids playing Volleyball in every sports Center possible. They served, passed the ball, smashed, and had loads of fun. The Volleyball players are also referees to other teams in their group.

My youngest got to be head referee in one game and she told me:

-You know mom. One girl touched the net BUT it was after the ball was dead. The other teams coach (an adult) said "How couldn't that be "net"? "I answered her that the player did touch the net, but it was after the ball was dead. I am so proud of myself that I said that!" was my daughter’s feeling and conclusion.

I am also proud. Not only did she stand up for herself she also had the courage to do it to an adult she never met.

A proud daughter and a proud mom❣️

Just for information. We, the adults, are not supposed to talk to the referee at all. A saying we have in the Volleyball Hall during a game is: "The referee rules"! Unfortunately, that is not the case every time. Sometimes there can be three(3!) adult and the whole Volleyball team attacking a young referee. Telling her/him how wrong she/he rules. Not ok! In that case it would have been nice with an adult helping the referee to keep them away.

Remember to watch the best Sweden National Team in August! Swedens Volleyball Team plays EM!



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